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Sustainable materials at Label Craft


Towards the end of 2022 Label Craft joined the Asteria Group and aligned with their sustainability practices at their Dublin factory in Ireland. The Asteria group at large proudly boasts a wide range of sustainable raw materials at its disposal. Moreover, as a group we closely follow all ecological market developments and proactively search for innovative, sustainable materials together.


Less is More

The use of thinner raw materials has many advantages. Logically, less raw material is needed. This results in 16% more labels per roll, 13% fewer roll changes and up to 25% less waste.
Moreover, these materials take up less space, thus saving on storage and transport.
By using thinner raw materials production is more productive, cost-effective, and sustainable than when using conventional raw materials.
And you can be at ease, these materials are of equal quality as your usual standard materials.


Reliable Resources 

The Asteria Group has a strict purchasing policy for all our raw materials. You can opt for materials made from recycled sources (in whole or in part). Whether paper, cardboard, or plastic.

We offer RPE (made from 30% recycled PE), RPP (made from recycled PP waste) and RMC (made from recycled paper waste).

But also, materials manufactured from (wholly or partly) alternative sources, such as sugar cane or grass, can be an option. On a day-to-day basis, we have bio-based PE, made from sugar cane ethanol instead of fossil raw materials, and bio-based PP, made from non-fossil raw materials, such as vegetable oils in stock.


Biodegradable Options  


We can offer raw materials that consist of recycled material or are even fully biodegradable or compostable.
By using such packaging materials, you offer the end consumer an extra service. Recycling is no longer necessary; these materials break down by themselves. A beautiful example are our biodegradable coffee cups.


Water washable glues. 

Water-washable glues ensure that the packaging and the label can be separated. Your packaging material is then completely clean and can simply be reused.


Positive as ever we look forward to the year ahead and wish everyone a successful, happy, and healthy 2023.


Interested in working with us? Drop us a line at and let’s start the conversation. 


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