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We are Irelands most trusted packaging manufacturer helping build global brands. Established in 1984 and joining The Asteria Group in 2022 we are based in Dundrum Dublin we are one of Irelands largest self-adhesive label, package and carton manufacturer, supplying to the pharmaceutical, healthcare, medical devices, cosmetic, veterinary and the food and drinks industry.

Distinctive Packaging defining consumer choice

A group of packaging specialists created Asteria Group whose mission is to relieve customers and to guide them to professional advice in the search for high-quality packaging materials. This concerns a wide range of printed or unprinted labels, flexible packaging, packaging boxes … By bundling all knowledge within the group, we are able to offer a suitable solution at competitive prices to any question regarding packaging printing.


Given the combined visions and strengths within the Asteria Group, we have quickly become an important player in the European label & packaging market. Originally established in Belgium, Asteria is an international group with companies in the Netherlands, in France, in Germany, in Denmark, in Finland, in Estonia, in the UK and in Ireland. The members of Asteria Group continue to maintain the SME spirit and therefore continue to guarantee fast delivery times and excellent service. However, thanks to the bundled knowledge and experience, the group works collectively even faster and more efficiently to consistently guarantee top quality packaging products.


In addition to our commitment to top quality, the core values ​​of Asteria Group are speed and flexibility. This is mainly assured by a large stock of basic raw materials coupled with an extensive state-of-the-art machine park. Asteria Group proactively searches for innovative solutions every day in order to always deliver the right quality. Furthermore, the different companies of Asteria Group support each other optimally where and when necessary to guarantee each customer the fastest delivery time.

Sustainability is also a very important pillar within Asteria Group. For example, we make the necessary efforts and have the appropriate certificates to meet all legal requirements in terms of food safety and environmental protection. We also always produce in a cost-efficient and sustainable manner with a focus on waste reduction and energy savings.

The experienced team of Asteria Group is ready every day to quickly and efficiently produce your top quality packaging materials. Asteria Group does not shy away from any problem or challenge in order to guarantee the best result at all times. With our wide range of packaging products, specializations and finishes, we aim to meet the needs of every customer. We focus on sustainable long-term customer relationships and trust. We are here for You.

are awarded with all the highest certifications in the industry Sedex, PS9000.2016, BRC and ISO 9001.2015 making us one of the few label companies that can provide to all specialised industries.

We pride ourselves in our continued service levels with our team of highly skilled and experienced staff. Investment is continuous with Label Craft investing in the latest technologies in the world market today.

Label Craft Ireland

Michael O Flaherty

Joint Managing Director

Tel: +353 1 295 1855

Denise Browne

Joint Managing Director

Tel: +353 1 295 1855

Ken Hickey

Sales Manager

Tel: +353 86 264 5553

Denise Robinson

Sales & Marketing

Tel: +353 86 049 4449

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