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Label Craft looks to 2023 with increasing capacity and production in Ireland

By December 14, 2022May 1st, 2023No Comments

Label Craft looks to 2023 with increasing capacity and production in Ireland with confidence in the market. 

Label Craft Ireland is heading towards 40 years of business with confidence and positivity for the year ahead. As Irelands most trusted packaging manufacturer helping build global brands, the company was established in 1984. Currently based in Dundrum Dublin we are one of Irelands largest privately owned self-adhesive label and packaging manufacturer, supplying to the pharmaceutical, healthcare, medical devices, cosmetic, veterinary and the food and drinks industry. This year, in an exciting update Label Craft partnered with the Asteria Group

Given the combined visions and strengths within the Asteria Group, they have quickly become an important player in the European label & packaging market. Originally established in Belgium, Asteria is an international group with 10 active companies in countries such as the Netherlands,France, Germany, Denmark, Spain and the UK. The members of Asteria Group continue to maintain the SME spirit and therefore continue to guarantee fast delivery times and excellent service. However, thanks to the bundled knowledge and experience, the group works collectively even faster and more efficiently to consistently guarantee top quality packaging products.

“Our 65-person team operate 24-hour shift 5 days a week to allow our customers total flexibility on lead times.” 

At Label Craft our constant strive for excellence in production and quality has us at the forefront of label and package manufacturing as Ireland’s most trusted package manufacturer. Investing in technology constantly, our folding carton gluing machine installed in 2021 allows customers to produce a broad spectrum of sophisticated and premium folding cartons in a highly economic way. High processing quality, short make-ready times and consistent user-friendliness with the Label-Craft Gold Standard of excellence. Our clients rely on our ability to increase production when required and demand in 2023 is indicates a positive uptake in the market. 

Holding fast having weathered Brexit and ongoing supply challenges our team have weathered through and seen increases in sales, with new changes in UK companies producing in Ireland where UK was their manufacturing and labelling hub for European distribution.

Positive as ever we look forward to the year ahead and wish everyone a successful, happy, and healthy 2023.


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