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Label and Package Manufacturing working closely with technology to maintain high standards in 2021. 

Labelling systems have been around for years and as a successful company in business since 1984 we have constantly invested in modern machinery and technology. At Label Craft we believe those investments in technology and the latest machinery is paramount to our production and customer’s expectations of high quality and service that we aim to deliver, on every run. With technology now driven very much by software, labelling software has moved from a nice-to-have option that could deliver marginal efficiencies and cost savings, to a strategic imperative in today’s global market.


As manufacturing of labels, cartons and patient information leaflets is so highly competitive today, there is continuous pressure to keep costs low and quality high across the entire supply chain ecosystem. Given the pace of innovation, global companies looking to manufacturer their labels and cartons don’t want to take the risk of stocking up on inventory—while paying higher interest costs—for raw materials and components that may soon become obsolete. This is making the demand to be faster and more efficient especially acute. Automated labelling and package production partnerships with software and technology eliminates manual processing costs, improves accuracy and reliability, and helps companies significantly reduce lead times in the supply chain. Our own factory in Dublin produces products for global brands on a daily basis, rapidly and in keeping with high standards.


Manufacturing is truly global and never as important since Covid-19 and countries that were not on its landscape a decade ago are emerging as powerful players. This does present a number of concerns around consistency and quality, regulations, intellectual property, and other areas where labelling and package manufacturing plays a role. Standards in Ireland, UK and Europe are to the highest quality whilst overseas producers now find themselves in turmoil with logistics, mass lock downs yet despite occasional slowdowns and disruptions, the marketplace for manufactured products is also growing, as developing nations grow their business and consumer economies. Demand is larger now than ever. This means that manufacturers are looking for ways to deliver products into an expanded and more diverse range of countries and keep in line with producers that adhere to standard and can deliver on time, every time. In the drive for software and machinery, labelling and package manufacturing must be sophisticated enough to keep up with a growing number of languages, and a growing body of rules and regulations, so that manufacturers can successfully compete locally, regionally, and internationally. At Label Craft our choice of machinery, software and quality assurance allows us to work with overseas producers with that gold standard they are seeking. In Health Care alone we are seeing increases in production rising continuously as well as the food and drinks industry.


The increasing deployment of automation and robotics on the factory floor is starting to have a major impact on how manufacturing operates. One of the areas where the impact is felt most sharply is the speed at which the “assembly line” now runs in modern manufacturing. Once automated and standardized, labelling and package manufacturing processes can keep up with more rapid production, and manufacturing with modern technology cease to be its historical bottleneck, automation is also enabling customization, further elevating the importance of label and package manufacturing as an industry.

Automation is just one technology that’s helping turn label and package manufacturing into a strategic imperative and a desirable standard for modern customers. The manufacturing supply chain will be greatly impacted by the Internet of Things in years to come. The IoT has the potential to transform the supply chain into a transparent system where all participants have real-time visibility into the production and flow of goods. The IoT is driven by data, lots of it. Effective labelling at each intersection along the way must be properly managed in order to ensure that data collection is fast and accurate, and transparency of that data cementing long term business relationships.

At Label Craft our constant strive for excellence in production and quality has us at the forefront of label and package manufacturing as Ireland’s most trusted package manufacturer. Established in 1984 and based in Dundrum Dublin we are one of Irelands largest private owned self-adhesive label, package and carton manufacturer, supplying to the pharmaceutical, healthcare, medical devices, cosmetic, veterinary and the food and drinks industry.


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