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Making Packaging More Accessible with Inclusive Design


Inclusive Packaging

Take a moment to imagine a life without sight.  Or without the full use of your limbs.  Everyday tasks like finding your favourite breakfast cereal and opening the box would be much more difficult.

So why do modern manufacturers not make more accessible packaging?  Including braille on the box and making it easier to open and close helps widen your audience and improve customer loyalty. These types of changes enlist customers for greater brand loyalty and retention.

Braille Packaging

Braille is utilised on patient information leaflets and pharmaceutical packaging, both products we produce at Label Craft.  As it is a legal requirement for pharmaceutical products– blind and partially sighted people need to be able to tell they’re taking the recommended dosage of the medicine.  It is also suitable for food and drink packages and cartons and retail, all products we produce at our Dundrum factory in Dublin. Virtually anything that comes in a box or has a paper label can benefit from braille.

Braille is a low-cost way to differentiate yourself from other brands – it shows you care and expands your customer reach.

Easy Opening

We all struggle to open jars and packages at times, but for some people, mobility and strength problems mean it’s a daily occurrence. Up to 1 in 5 people in the UK alone have arthritis, accounting for 10 million people.

Inclusive design aims to make packaging usable by a wider range of people. It’s great for customer satisfaction and ultimately, improving sales.  When you consider our increasing older population the market for easy-open products is huge across Ireland, UK and Europe alone.


Accessible packaging is a great step as it’s for everyone and your brand can address that directly with inclusive design.

 Our sales team can offer you great advice about which products suit your brand.


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