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A Celebration Of  Women Working in Printing this Month at Asteria. 


This March The Asteria Group are celebrating the incredible achievements and contributions of women worldwide. Women’s success in the labelling and packaging industry serves as an inspiration for us all.

Denise Robinson, who works with sales for the Pharma sector at Label Craft features alongside other women working at Asteria and shared her perspective on women working in printing.


women who work in printing “In our industry, I encourage young women to persevere and believe in themselves despite biases. My journey highlights the importance of balance and perseverance in a male-dominated field” – Denise Robinson


In an industry often dominated by men, we take pride in our diverse team of exceptional women spanning over 10 countries! From Estonia to Spain, Asteria’s remarkable women drive our success, inspire innovation, and shape our future.


Denise kindly shared valued advice and insights with all of us :


 What does International Women’s Day mean to you personally?

It’s an opportunity to celebrate the women in my life and their achievements worldwide. It’s also a time to think about what still needs to change. I believe in advocating for women’s rights to freedom and equality, and I always try to empower other women to achieve their highest potential. I try to lift up other women in this industry by mentoring and making way for newcomers.


 What are the main challenges of diversity in your workplace or industry? In your opinion, how could these challenges be solved? 

One of the biggest challenges women face in the workplace is trying to start a family and raise children while maintaining continuity in their careers. I would hope to see things continue to improve, in terms of companies providing longer maternity leave and more flexible working arrangements.


 What advice would you give to a young woman starting her career in your industry? 

The first thing I would tell her is that she can succeed in this industry. When I started, there weren’t many women working in print, so people often underestimated me. My first order was worth 20 grand, and I have never looked back. The print industry is still quite male-dominated. We do see women everywhere, especially in sales, but there still is a lot of room for more diversity.


 What are you most proud to have achieved in your career as a woman?

I’m proud to have been working for the company I’m in for six years. It takes a long time to crack the pharmaceutical print industry, as it is a tough industry. Last year I turned over a 1.2m sale with one customer. When I was starting, I would have never thought I would achieve that someday. Growing a successful career is all about strategic planning and creating a healthy work-life balance.


Happy International Women’s Day

Thank you so much to all of Asteria’s women for inspiring us every day!

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