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Why labelling matters for pharmaceutical companies

How modern, centralized label management systems can give pharma companies an edge

At Label Craft we have been working with pharmaceutical companies at our Dublin factory since 1984. We understand bringing a new drug to market takes significant investment. We also understand the logistics of distribution and labelling. We understand the cost of investment in pharmaceutical products. By the time a pharma product reaches manufacturing status, hundreds of millions of euros will have been spent in the trial and development phases.

Once the drug enters the manufacturing process, meeting regulations and maintaining compliance adds more costs to bringing it to market. Therefore, any procedure or technology which can improve product quality and efficiencies within the manufacturing process and allow for a quicker return on investment is highly attractive. At Label Craft we invest in technology, production and people and have been meeting our customer needs on time and on budget for decades across Europe and the UK.

The labelling process is a critical part of pharmaceutical manufacturing, and if modern labelling systems are deployed, efficiency savings can be made without compromising on standards or regulations.

Making labelling a priority

At Label Craft we understand the vital process labelling is to pharmaceutical companies. The labelling process is critical to maintaining compliance. Not only does the label act as a unique identifier to prove authenticity to health care professionals, but it also ensures that active ingredients and concentrations are clearly understood. And there can’t be any margin for error as the consequences of inaccurate ingredients are too high.

For us, it makes sense to ensure labelling technology is a priority so it can address inconsistencies in processes, mitigate human errors, enhance label quality and improve business agility in order for companies to produce compliant, high-quality labels in a cost- and time-efficient manner.

In today’s climate, all pharma companies are looking to ensure compliance, minimize the need for relabelling, reduce the number of label templates, and to transition from paper-based catalogues to digital document management systems.

Today label management systems enable companies to integrate labels with the master data, digitize the entire label creation process and empower business users to handle change requests. This ensures consistency, saves the business time, and achieves new levels of quality control and compliance.

The whole compliance process can be streamlined with an electronic label lifecycle management system. This saves countless man-hours, improves customer response times, and leads to consistent label output across all systems.

At Label Craft we strive to always streamline and ensure quality control in our process. If you would like to discuss manufacturing your labels, cartons or patient information leaflets please don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly sales team at




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