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Product Labelling Standards: UK law

At Label Craft we welcome all new business and celebrate new ventures here in Ireland, Europe and in the UK. Whilst we guide our customers in all fields and adhere to labelling and manufacturing guidelines, there are basics in check for all manufacturers to be aware of when considering product labelling.

Below are product labelling standards that are UK law. This information is taken from and you may want to visit any revised information or contact our team for any queries. 

When considering labels for your products you don’t have to show particular information on the label for every kind of product, but if you include it you must be accurate. There are special rules for some products, and for retailers.

Labels must not be misleading about things like:

  • quantity or size
  • the price
  • what it’s made of
  • how, where and when it was made
  • what you say it can do
  • the people or organisations that endorse it

You must include safety information for products that could be dangerous.

Your business sectors

You must follow special rules if you manufacture, distribute or sell:

Rules for UK retailers

If you’re a retailer, you must display:

  • the price of products – this must be in sterling (pounds and pence) and include VAT where applicable
  • the price of a single item (the ‘unit price’) for products that you sell loose
  • metric measures (like kilograms, centimetres or litres) for unit pricing – except for some products (for example, beer is still sold in pints)

If you don’t follow the rules you can be prosecuted.

Talk to your local Trading Standards office if you have questions about how to label your products correctly or contact our friendly customer service team at 

Thank you sincerely to all our customers for your support during these restricted times, we are so appreciative of your business and are here to support you in getting your product labels and cartons manufactured and delivered it the same high standard we have had in practice over the last 35 years in business. 

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