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Label Craft expands global reach into South Asian markets.


Label Craft recently welcomed new customers from India for label printing as part of its expanding global sales plan for 2022. Already fulfilling requirements for companies across Ireland, UK, Europe, and the United States the Dundrum based factory signed new contracts to fulfil orders from clients in India for European distribution.


Label Craft Ireland has seen considerable growth in the last 2 years of carton manufacturing and a strong positive change in exports. This has been particularly influenced by Brexit, where companies formerly manufacturing in the UK have switched to Ireland for European hub distribution. Changing events in global economies and the increase in utilising digital technology has led companies to work with local printers to produce label manufacturing and carton manufacturing, pharmaceutical labels and patient information leaflets right here in Dublin With an ever increasing complex world of traditional logistic costs now surpassing planned budgets, further afield companies now look to local manufacturers to distribute locally.


At Label Craft our constant strive for excellence in production and quality has us at the forefront of label and package manufacturing as Ireland’s most trusted package manufacturer. Investing in technology constantly, our folding carton gluing machine installed in 2021 allows customers to produce a broad spectrum of sophisticated and premium folding cartons in a highly economic way. High processing quality, short make-ready times and consistent user-friendliness with the Label-Craft Gold Standard of excellence. Our clients rely on our ability to increase production when required and demand in 2022 is indicates a positive uptake in the market.


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