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Post Covid trends see manufacturing continuing to increase.


As markets attempt to continue to emerge from Covid and face even more challenges with supply chain , distribution companies such as ourselves at Label Craft are noting not just increases in business, but changes that have come directly out of the global pandemic as new trends.


E-Commerce Expansion

As e-commerce has become one of the fastest-growing sales channels in recent times, it’s only expected to grow exponentially in the upcoming future. As noted by Forbes, e-commerce will surge to more than $1 trillion annually by 2025.

Meanwhile, customers have quickly realized the benefits of speed and accessibility that online ordering has to offer. With the influx of online shopping comes a greater shipment volume surge and in turn the increase and importance of accurate labelling.

Manufacturing Growth

The option to order anything online at any given moment has caused tremendous growth for manufacturers. As the demand steadily increases, shippers look to find agile methods to compensate. Explosive manufacturing growth comes with challenging factors that bottleneck capacity for certain businesses that don’t have the ability to scale rapidly. Label Craft has consistently met customers expansions, reinvesting in both technology and manpower at our 65-person strong factory in Dundrum.

Economic Instability

Recent events have undoubtedly changed the landscape of the market. Although many companies have experienced losses or supply chain deficiency, many have also gained advantages through insight. As business and demand have increased, the need for scaling freight and pivoting to new manufacturers with increased capacity is paramount. The challenge lies in fulfilling the customers’ needs while finding ways to optimize capacity with the resources currently at hand. At Label Craft with over 30 years of businesses, we welcome challenge and recognise it as a business strategy in an evolving market.



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