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Post Brexit Labelling Changes

New Rules for Labelling are Here

Legal requirements for labels and stickers have changed as a result of the UK’s departure from the European Union and the new free trade agreement.

Some changes must be made immediately, while others are being phased in over time.

Label Craft Ireland continue to be working hard to provide an overview of labelling updates to help you assess what changes your company may need to make. If you need further advice or would like to discuss manufacturing of cartons or labels please contact 

EU Distributor Information


If your product is being distributed in the European Union, you may need an EU Distribution address listed on the product, label or packaging. You also won’t be able to use ‘Made in EU’ or EU flags without permission.

Products of Animal Origin


Products of Animal Origin which are sourced in the UK will no longer be able to use the ‘EC’ reference code within the Product of Animal Origin oval, instead requiring ‘UK’ ‘GB’ or ‘United Kingdom’.

CE Conformity Markings


Products sold on the UK cannot only have the European Union CE symbol. This has been replaced with the new UKCA logo, and UKNI logo for goods that are being sold in Northern Ireland, to indicate conformity to standards.

Thank you sincerely to all our customers for your support during these restricted times, we are so appreciative of your business and are here to support you in getting your product labels and cartons manufactured and delivered it the same high standard we have had in practice over the last 35 years in business. 

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