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5 reasons to entrust Label Craft Ireland with the fulfilment of your pharmaceutical packaging and labelling requirements:


  1. Industry Understanding

We understand the rigorous standards that are required for pharmaceutical packaging labels. We work with pharmaceutical companies to ensure regulatory compliance. When you work with Label Craft, you are working with an expert in the field. Our factory operation in Dundrum has proven experience in working with pharmaceutical companies. We started our business in 1984, with the same operations team and senior management in place today overseeing a 65-person factory operation complete with the latest presses to handle efficient production.


  1. Single point of contact

We keep things simple, straightforward and provide all our clients with a single point of contact. Our dedicated account managers are supported by a highly skilled customer service team, ensuring the best response rate. If there are any issues with your order, you know immediately who to talk to. Our experienced sales team look after accounts with companies across Europe and the UK.


  1. A consistent quality product

Nowhere does consistency of product matter more than with pharmaceutical labels. Our clients tell us that the consistency we provide is a vital asset and one that they have come to rely upon. We work with some of the biggest brands in Europe and the UK.


  1. Dependability

We understand the pressures that pharmaceutical companies work under. Label Craft uses robust administrative solutions to ensure that our service is dependable and there when you need it. Our quality control standards are second to none.


  1. Complete traceability

We ensure there is complete traceability in the manufacturing process. We also prioritise the analysis, prevention, reduction of risk and provide multiple levels of security throughout the entire process.

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Thank you sincerely to all our customers for your support during these restricted times, we are so appreciative of your business and are here to support you in getting your product labels and cartons manufactured and delivered it the same high standard we have had in practice over the last 35 years in business. 

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