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Evaluating packaging and labelling design for new products in 2023

You’ve got some great design ideas for your brand ready to go and looking for someone to work with to produce your labels or carton manufacturing; at Label Craft our team handle international and domestic brands that are recognised worldwide. Our sales team can give you expert advice on labelling and carton manufacturing designs with decades of experience of production for brands across Ireland and the UK. Our inhouse digital designers can guide you through each step of design. If you are considering launching a new product, then your label or package design is key. Here are a few pointers:

  1. Is it clear what your product is?

When you look at the package, is it clear what the product does and who it’s for? Buyers are only going to spend money on things they understand and recognise as having meaning or clear for their needs as consumers.
Make sure your packaging doesn’t look like something else (unless it’s very intentional). You don’t want to confuse your consumer.


  1. Is the packaging an honest representation of your product?

 Misrepresenting your product in your packaging can lead to all manner of efforts going horribly wrong and lose customer referral quickly. Make sure any photos on the packaging are photos of the product and representing the product accurately. 

  1. What will this package look like in stores?

Shelf-impact is very important for products that are sold in-stores. 

  • How much of the packaging will be visible? When products are lined up next to each other, you can usually only see one-face. Make sure your most-important info is front and centre 
  • What will it look like when these products are stacked next to and on top of each other? Is there a pattern that’s created? Do you want there to be?
  • What will this look like compared to the competition? Go to one or more stores where your product will be sold and figure out where your product would be placed. Are most products one colour? How will you make yours stand out and get noticed?


  1. Is your design versatile? – You may only have one type of product now, but in the future, you might want to create additional products under the same branding. Is your design going to be easily modified to accommodate new variations of your product?

Like to discuss labelling or carton manufacturing? We also produce patient information leaflets and work closely with pharmaceutical brands.

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