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At Label Craft and as part of The Asteria Group we are proud to produce sustainable products and adopt green policies. From our renewable powered factory to our choice of eco products to our clients, eco-friendly packaging offers a lot of advantages to both the brand and environment :



  1. Reduces Carbon Footprint

Many customers are concerned about their impact on their environment, and it directly impacts the products and brands they are loyal to. By switching to eco-friendly packaging, you make a statement of how you market your products, and it helps you fulfil your corporate responsibility.

Your brand could also go beyond business reasons and consider the eco-friendly packaging process. By doing so, you reduce your company’s negative impact on the environment in the form of carbon footprints.

Your carbon footprint is the level of carbon dioxide you emit into the atmosphere when consuming fossil fuels. You can lower your CO2 emissions by reducing the amount of packaging for your finished products or using recyclable/ renewable items.

A rising trend is that eco-friendly customers check the carbon footprint of any commodity they purchase.

In response, clients implemented eco-friendly on-demand packaging styles. These include packaging waste reduction, compostable packaging, eco-friendly, and biodegradable custom packaging.

You are also to factor in the weight of your packaging as it impacts the energy you require to manufacture your product and deliver it to the end-users. You can therefore switch to lighter-weight materials to reduce your brand’s carbon footprint.

  1. Eco-friendly packaging Allows for More Storage Space

Another amazing benefit that using sustainable packaging offers your brand is the availability of more storage space. The space includes the transport space that allows you to ship more goods than you would have while reducing freight costs.

It helps you reduce the number of transports rounds you have to make, thereby saving you costs in the long run. Also, with smaller finished goods, you require fewer spaces for storage, and the additional space presents you with many options like expanding your product line.

You can then begin to use the available space for goods you couldn’t have otherwise produced. When it comes to more creative displays, the additional shelf space allows you to be flexible in placing and showcasing your products.

  1. It’s Toxin and Allergen Free

Many consumers are concerned with the nature of their packaging material and its effects on their health and well-being. Using allergen and toxin-free packaging materials for your products allows your customers to lead a healthy life.

There are few biodegradable options. However, the available ones are increasingly sufficient to make a smooth switch. Most of the options available can run on similar machines with traditional packaging materials. This makes them easily implementable and affordable.

The undesirable aspect of using traditional packaging materials is made from petrochemical resources like crude oil. It is extremely harmful to the environment regarding refinement, extraction, use, distribution, and disposal.

On the other hand, eco-friendly packaging does not have these harmful traits over its lifespan and as it degrades.

  1. It Increases Sales for your Brand

By this point, you no doubt know that among the things that customers consider when purchasing a product is sustainability. The steps your brand takes to reduce the damage that waste does to the environment should be taken in high regard.

It helps you focus on strategies to take while expanding your brand lines and therefore boosts sales as more people patronize you. Because of your reduced carbon footprints, you indirectly make your company attractive to buyers.

  1. It Increases your Customer Base

The demand for environmentally friendly packaging is continually on the rise. In turn, it presents an opportunity for brands to push themselves forward.

As the awareness for sustainable packaging increases among customers, they’re making obvious shifts towards green packaging. It, therefore, increases your chance to attract more clients and secure a broad customer base.

  1. Eco-friendly Packaging is Versatile

Sustainable packaging is versatile and can be repurposed and reused in major industries where they use traditional packaging. It is more beneficial than regular packaging as they’re not limited to the number of times manufacturers can use them.

With eco-friendly packaging, you get to work out creative designs and forms, unlike with traditional packaging. These can range from food products to cosmetics, electronic devices, and clothing. You have a wide variety of options available to you to meet your specific needs.

  1. It Boosts your Brand Image

Nowadays, people seek ways to positively impact the environment without making drastic changes in their lifestyles.

Eco-friendly packaging gives a good impression of your brand. This is because it shows that you care about your environment and corporate responsibility.

When customers can trust your brand with sustaining the environment, they tend to chop from you and recommend you to family and friends. As a brand owner, you should be concerned about incorporating sustainable materials into your packaging and transparency about your product lifecycle management.

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