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The Asteria Group were awarded the prestigious Aifec Prize recently in recognition for outstanding achievements in Label Printing.


An exceptional collaboration has led to the creation of a label as soft and delicate as the precious liquid it adorns. This collaboration proved to be a ground breaking success, earning the esteemed Aifec prize for our remarkable digitally printed technique.

The story begins when our client sought a label that would embody the essence of their premium olive oil—a label as soft and captivating as the product itself. They envisioned a design that would capture the attention of consumers and convey the exquisite experience that awaited them within each bottle.

The Asteria Group embraced the opportunity to collaborate closely with them and combined unusual materials and printing techniques to achieve this label. A velvety material, difficult to use in digital printing was used to replicate the softness of the premium olive oil. To make a reference to the Andalusian sunshine a combination of varnish and silkscreen relief have been applied.

We knew that open communication would be vital to achieving the desired outcome. By fostering a partnership based on trust and creative synergy, we set the stage for a remarkable result.

This remarkable label did not go unnoticed. The Aifec prize, recognizing outstanding achievements in label printing, was awarded to this digitally printed label. The recognition reaffirmed the significance.

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