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Not Just a Label, care and detail in Label Manufacturing
A label ultimately, is meant to deliver information efficiently. And when it’s attached to a product that’s being jostled around on the shelves by curious consumers or packed into a shipping container and delivered across the globe and distributed as a pharmaceutical product, the label needs to be durable to remain legible.

From production to delivery there are other journeys to go through before the labelled product reaches the end users hands. At Label Craft, quality care of our customers products is paramount as is our high standard of production. With over 26 years in the business working with brands across the world we know it isn’t simply just a labelled product and we do our utmost to make sure our customers labels are going to stay adhered to the product and continue to be legible throughout its lifecycle.

These days customers rely on rigorous testing, and a trust in partners that standards and regulations in countries across distribution are up to speed and surpassing expectations.  That is exactly what our team can proudly offer our customers. Label Crafts quality team ensure that the highest standard of quality is achieved and maintained throughout every process of production, from artwork approval to product release.

High processing quality, short make-ready times and consistent user-friendliness with the Label-Craft Gold Standard of excellence. To see more about our factory and capacity to produce high end quality labels and cartons please visit here

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